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Spain goes to renting, "the Netflix of cars", which soars 120% with the virus


Renting is here to stay. The crisis of coronavirus has triggered this business model, which is defined as "the Netflix or the Spotify of cars ", which are increasingly seen as a transitory service rather than an asset to be owned indefinitely.

This is the case of Vamos, the Spanish startup led by Mario Carranza placeholder image, former CEO of Amovens and one of Cabify's members at its launch in Europe.

As of April, Vamos already began to notice a certain tingling and increase in customers with more than 100 cars distributed throughout different parts of Spain, especially in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but also with some force in Valencia.

The startup also ensures that web traffic has shot up 500% "and grows exponentially every month." In total, car rental has advanced 120% since June, month that began the much-used 'new normal'. As of today, Vamos has more than 1,500 cars in 350 cities distributed throughout the Spanish geography.

The company expects to close the year with 2,000 cars on the payroll and a turnover of over 20 million euros. Greater use of private vehicles (with public transport as the big loser), growing economic uncertainty and 100% digitization of platforms like this, which allow all procedures to be carried out online, are some of the reasons that explain its rise and growth.


The purchase of vehicles older than 20 years has increased by 31% during the months of July and August, reaching a total of 43,655 units sold in the days prior to the return to work centers and schools, according to data from the Institute of Automotive Studies for Sumauto.

According to the company, This is due to the current health emergency situation, which makes users prefer to opt for individual and cheap mobility instead of using public transport, since this type of vehicle can be purchased from 500 euros and the average of them is around 1,400 euros.

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