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HolyTransaction users can now stack Gridcoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin and PIVX


HolyTransaction is one of the wallets preferred by the most demanding cryptocurrency investors. It is a wallet that provides the maximum of professionalism, privacy and security, while at the same time adding more functionality and additional features than other popular cryptocurrency wallets. HolyTransaction is free, efficient and easy to use, allowing everyone to use cryptocurrencies without any problem. Now, HolyTransaction is pleased to announce the introduction of new features based on Proof-of-Stake technology, which allows users to start wagering on Gridcoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin and PIVX.

HolyTransaction is a universal wallet with built-in Crypto-to-Crypto Instant Exchange and supports more than 30 types of cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, HolyTransaction also provides full asset support for stablecoins like TUSD and USDC, privacy coins like Monero or Zcash, and almost all of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Cardano, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, DigiByte, and many more. To provide full support for the above-mentioned cryptocurrencies, HolyTransaction allows users of these currencies to not only send, receive, store and exchange them, but also enjoy its advanced POS features such as staking.

POS extends the functionality of the nodes to find blocks by using a consensus algorithm. Staking unlocks the full potential of the blockchain ecosystem by allowing crypto enthusiasts running full nodes to enjoy decentralized minting solutions. The new functionality provided by HolyTransaction is staking.

Staking is an innovative blockchain passive income strategy accessible on PoS (Proof-of-Stake) digital currencies such as Gridcoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin, and PIVX. With gambling, the owners of these coins are compensated with a modest amount of crypto just for the very demonstration of having the assets without spending them. It's the core idea of ​​automated depositing – you don't have to do anything and you can set up HolyTransaction wallet participation and watch your funds grow. In the past, gambling used to be a complicated process, and only people with extensive experience in cryptocurrencies had the option to appreciate the advantages related to money. As an increasing number of people look to earn easy income from staking, leading cryptocurrency solutions providers like holytransaction.com aim to unleash the full potential of Proof-of-Stake by making the staking process easy. easier to use and more accessible to everyone, even non-techies.

The presentation of the Staking of Gridcoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin and PIVX opens another part in the history of one of the fastest developing digital currency wallets that is HolyTransaction. It's a great upgrade that will allow HolyTransaction users to not only do fast and secure crypto trades, store coins and exchange various cryptos, but also effortlessly benefit from gambling solutions like this new HolyTransaction client feature.

With HolyTransaction, earning passive income through wagering on Gridcoin, Blackcoin, Peercoin, and PIVX is not only completely safe, but also exceptionally simple. Just activate the share feature in your wallet and watch your assets start to grow. Not all cryptocurrency wallets allow their clients to accumulate cryptocurrencies with only coins; Due to the influence of betting, HolyTransaction is able to do just that.

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