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The FROB will analyze the merger of CaixaBank and Bankia to "protect the interest of citizens"


The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation has ruled on the intention of CaixaBank and Bankia to merge. According to the Ministry, the Government has a priority in relation to Bankia: "Protect the general interest of Spanish citizens, maximize the value of public participation and strengthen the financial stability of the country. These are the principles that will guide any decision in this area. "

The Ministry of Economy has added that the FROB team is permanently analyzing market conditions in order to protect the public interest of the participation in Bankia. In this sense, it has indicated that from the Ministry there is frequent contact with the main financial institutions in the country.

"In the event that these conversations (between CaixaBank and Bankia) and studies conclude in a proposed merger agreement, the FROB It will analyze them with complete objectivity from the perspective of generating value and optimizing their ability to recover aid", they conclude from Economy.

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