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Parents assume that going back to school will cost more this year and 22% will take out a loan


Take out a loan, pay in installments or throw away your savings. They are the options that most parents consider to face their children's return to school. This year, marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, parents have assumed that expenses will increase, aggravating an already deteriorating economic situation by the effects of the health crisis.

According to the measures agreed between the Ministry of Education, Health and the Autonomous Communities, this year, the teaching activity will be "face-to-face for all levels and stages, prioritizing it for younger students, at least up to 2nd ESO", which implies that the 3rd and 4th year ESO and Baccalaureate students will initially return to classes alternating their physical presence in the center with the distance training from your home.

A blended teaching that will force families to spend 53% more than last yearThe most expensive option for parents is 627 euros on average, compared to 409 euros per child for fully face-to-face training and 348 euros if it were completely online, according to data from the idealo.es price comparator.

An increase in the cost of which families are well aware, since that is also affirmed by almost 60% of parents, to which is added that 42% declare that their economic situation has worsened because of Covid-19. Only 10% acknowledge that they will not need to borrow or have their savings affected. In front of them, 22% say that they will have to ask for a loan or pay in installments, while 30% will use their savings to cover extra expenses, as data from a study carried out by Amazon shows.

Among the main purchases of families, textbooks and stationery take the first position, representing the main need and 68% of the expense. Clothes and footwear are placed behind them, representing 63%. However, this year the fact of having to face the coronavirus does not leave any area safe and the acquisition of sanitizing products and masks sneak into the budget, staying with 48% and 47%, respectively. For their part, computers, connectivity solutions and everything related to making the home a suitable place to study occupy a secondary position on the back-to-school list of Spanish families, according to data from the electronic commerce giant.


The sector that seems to continue to win is that of online commerce. The perspective of avoid crowds in stores (49%) and at the same time receiving everything at home (44%) are the main factors why Spanish parents choose to buy online. However, 42% think they will use physical stores and e-commerce in equal measure, while not being able to check the status of the merchandise live (37%) is the main drawback indicated for online shopping.

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