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Binance has joined Blockchain for Europe


Through a press release, Binance announced today that it has joined Blockchain for Europe, an association that includes leading names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry such as Fetch.ai, Ripple, Block.one and Blockseed Ventures.

This association was founded with the intention of bringing together the main players in this sector and creating a collaboration with regulatory bodies to obtain support for all regulatory decisions and, with the contribution of industry players, it is possible to better define the parameters within which to build an ideal legal framework that does not harm anyone.

Binance is now part of this association, and the person chosen to represent them is Teana Baker-Taylor, also a director of Binance UK, who commented on the news:

“As a global leader in the digital asset industry, Binance is committed to working with policy makers to educate and support the development of informed and effective governance models that promote the overall growth of the blockchain ecosystem. We are delighted to join Blockchain For Europe to collaborate with some of the leading companies in the industry to advocate for blockchain technology and tokenization innovation in Europe. ”

With the entry of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, the association will be able to boast of its experience, explained the president of the Blockchain Board for Europe, Maria minaricova:

“At Blockchain for Europe we are very excited to welcome Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, to join our global team of blockchain industry leaders. Together we will continue to support European regulators and policy makers in their efforts to unlock the potential of blockchain technology and ensure that Europe remains at the forefront of technological innovations that will shape our future. ”

The task of the association is to respond to the European Union action plan for consultation on AML (Anti Money Laundering), the Digital Services Act (DSA), consultation of smart contracts and also contribute to the discussion within a framework for markets involving assets and cryptocurrencies.

This announcement comes a few days after Binance joined the Crypto UK association, so the exchange team will be able to act as a bridge between the different realities that will emerge in the future in the cryptocurrency sector, especially in terms of regulation.

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