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Wall Street Ignores Fed Warnings, Continues Solid Rises


Wall street closed Wednesday with new and solid gains (Dow Jones + 1.58%; S&P 500 + 1.53%; Nasdaq + 0.98%). Both the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq continue to set new all-time highs while in the Dow Jones it should be noted that it has recovered 29,000 points, a level that had not been seen since the beginning of February.

Donald Trump has not taken long to hang medals and has ensured that it was thanks to him that the Dow Jones has managed to close above 29,000 points and therefore erase the falls of the coronavirus. What's more, the US president has assured that with Biden at the helm, the stock markets would have collapsed.

These milestones have occurred after the employment report was released ADP, popularly known as the preview of the US unemployment figure: the US private sector added 428,000 jobs in August. But this has not been the only thing that has marked the agenda of investors this day.

On Wall Street there has been joy despite the warnings from the Fed. The US agency published its book Beige on Wednesday where alert of a slowdown in the economy.

Powell's are not the only ones who have sent a message of caution, so has El-Erian, although he has customized his warnings on retail investors. He has asked for moderation in his decisions to avoid falling into the trap of the apparent "endless" rally of the stock markets.

On the business front, Tesla It is news again, although this time the reason is not positive. It is plummeting about 10% after its largest outside shareholder, Baillie Gifford, cut his position in the company to less than 5%, from 6.3% previously.

Falls come at a crucial time for those in Elon musk looking to capitalize on their stock market rally by announcing a new expansion. This time, it will be $ 5 billion and, despite the manufacturer's extensive track record in this regard, the move has taken analysts such as Goldman sachs. "The most surprising thing is the 'timing' chosen by the company, but you have to remember its history of extensions and its future expansion plans," argues the investment bank. Today, their titles register falls of more than 0.5%.

On the other hand, from Morgan stanley they continue to look favorably on long-term equities, although they do not rule out turbulence in the short term: "We remain in a constructive position for the next 12 months but it is impossible to predict the corrections of up to 10% that may take place and we would not be surprised" they point out.

Investors are also very aware of Washington, where Democrats and Republicans are still far from reaching an agreement to irrigate with a second stimulus package to the largest economy in the world.


In the commodity market, the barrel west texas it is trading at this time with a slight rise of 0.7%, to $ 42.80. Meanwhile, in the currency market, the euro depreciates 0.62% and changes to $ 1.1835. And in the debt market, the profitability of the US 10-year bond it stands at 0.68%.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex has not been able to regain 7,000 points due to pressure from the bank, which continues to show clear signs of weakness. Finally, in Asia stocks have closed with a mixed sign after the Australian economy has entered a recession.

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