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Gold Secured Currency: The Best Long Term Crypto Investment


The crypto world has been growing over the years, proving to be a risky yet worthy investment opportunity. The levels of risk in crypto investments come from the unpredictability of digital currencies. Many lose massive amounts of their capital while testing out the crypto waters. However, technology combined with old forms of backing brought about stablecoins.

They are both a link between the crypto world and fiat currencies while maintaining a considerable amount of stability lacking in cryptos. In turn, these coins have seen an upsurge over the years, with about 150 known stablecoins in the market today. The variety extends from face value, natural assets, public trusts, pledges, and shares.

The Downsides of Stablecoins as Long-term Investments

Nonetheless, stablecoins lack the best investment features. For fiat-backed stablecoins, physical bills decrease in value over time; therefore, whatever you own now will have a lower worth in the future. This situation is the same for the stablecoins representing them. Furthermore, an accumulation of paper bills in the traditional market can lead to a total loss of a currency’s value.

The next important factor to note is that stablecoins are a store of value and will hold it for a long time. However, it does not discredit the truth in them, never selling at a higher price than their backing assets. If anything, they may trade at a discount, which erodes the whole idea behind investments.

Gold Secured Currency Levelling the Playing Ground

Even though the factors mentioned are right about stablecoins, some go out of the way to prove the world wrong. The Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is one such coin displaying unique features that shows its potential to grow. It is an innovation of the Apollo Fintech company, a leading fintech service provider, pushing blockchain’s limits.

GSX is a gold-backed stablecoin employing a cryptocurrency functionality, a stablecoin, and an investment coin. The backing assets include extensive gold-rich land owned by Apollo Fintech, the gold and other precious metal mined, mining companies, equipment, and more.

What Makes GSX a Good Long-term Investment?

GSX gives everyone the reason to turn their heads to its direction, considering its features’ novelty. Below are some of the elements that present it as a good investment despite all odds.


GSX accounts for its design to the Apollo blockchain, considered the world’s fastest and most feature-rich blockchain. It utilizes these features, expanding its technological reach as a stablecoin for promising potential in the future.

Database sharding is the element behind the smooth running of the coin. The technology prevents bloat on the blockchain with a spiking number of users. It further increases speeds giving in a maximum of 2-second transaction speeds. It ensures lower energy consumption, working with adaptive forging, to ensure block formation only during active transactions.

GSX will be the first stablecoin to implement quantum resistance, a vital aspect against quantum computing attacks. Likewise, it ensures the coin remains unaffected upon the introduction of the technology into the stablecoin space.

Other features to acknowledge are multi-signature systems, blockchain file storage, atomic swaps, to mention but a few.


Unlike other stablecoins, Apollo focuses on building an inherent growth of value for GSX forever. The company hopes to increase the assets backing as the development of the coin continues. One such way is through inputting part of their profits to this cause. Furthermore, 25% of all transactions from related products from Apollo Fintech will go into buying more of these assets.

GSX is currently on the coin distribution event (CDE) selling at 0.046 USD, meant to spike up to 500% by 2021. Out of 30 billion coins, 10 billion are circulating in the CDE. Apollo Fintech plans to burn the remaining coins after the event to enrich the surviving coins. The 20 billion coins remaining can contribute to operational advancements or coin burns by the company for a stable growing environment for GSX.

Lastly, the land is an appreciating asset. Apollo expects the mining lands to increase in value; hence, more value for GSX.

User Rights

GSX is the first stablecoin that will pay yearly dividends to all its holders, from 50% of all profits. GSX holders will enjoy further partial ownership rights to all the assets backing GSX. These assets include the mining lands, mining refineries, equipment, gold, platinum, mining companies, etc.

The holders can redeem their GSX coins for an equal value of gold. The minimum amount of redeemable GSX should be equivalent to $200,000.

Parting Note

Long-term investment requires holding a digital coin for long periods. GSX places itself in a position to be a long-term investment besides being a store of value, unlike most stablecoins. Gold backing gives it an advantage due to the higher demand, reduced volatility, and higher gold liquidity.

Consequently, it stands at a place better than both cryptos and stablecoins, combining technology and backing to ensure indefinite growth. Moreover, it displays the beneficial properties of cryptos, stablecoins, and investment coins. Overall, GSX is a great contender in the crypto industry, offering security, speeds, and more hope for stablecoins.

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