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Workers at ERTE from March will see their pay cut in half from September


Very bad news for the thousands of workers who have been under ERTE since March and uninterruptedly: from September they will see their benefit cut in half, since they will start to charge only 50% of their regulatory base.

This decrease in the collection of the benefit will occur, if there is no regulatory change that prevents it, from the payroll of September, which is collected in October, and is caused by one of the modifications introduced in the last labor reform of the PP.

A worker, when registering to collect unemployment, begins receiving 70% of his regulatory base, with a limit of between 1,098.09 and 1,411.83 euros per month; according to the number of children. After six months of receiving said benefit, the amount falls and is reduced to 50% of the regulatory base. This was one of the many changes that the Government of Mariano Rajoy introduced in labor regulations with its reform. Before, at six months the decrease was from 70% to 60%.


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