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Come back now for free food: Goldman's plan to end telecommuting


After several months of forced telecommuting, many companies are trying to return to the old normal of having their employees in their offices. However, it seems that some have taken a liking to working from home, with which large firms such as Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan are managing to convince their workers, even offering them succulent incentives.

Free food, protective gear and access to the nursery. It is the offer that Goldman sachs it has dispatched hundreds of senior officials to return to its London offices in recent weeks. Although the return to the office is voluntary, the investment bank assures that it tries to comply with the recommendations of the Government of Boris johnson, who will lead an important campaign to persuade the British to return to their workplaces once schools reopen, pick up Bloomberg.

For its part, JP Morgan It will allow your staff to alternate between days at the office and at home. The idea is that roughly a third of employees are working remotely at any one time. Yes, no one will be spared going through the office, since they say that it is highly unlikely that someone will always telecommute.

"It is important that people get back together in physical places," said the CEO of Barclays, Jes Staley. The British lender has around 69,000 employees who will work remotely until at least the end of September. However, the bank plans to inform individually that it must start coming back from October.

Different is the vision of Bank of New York Mellon. About 96% of the bank's roughly 48,000 employees have been working at home since March, and it is expected to do so until at least January. In fact, it has erased the plans that had until now that some of the personnel would return to the office in September. He has also delayed his return Citigroup, whose employees are pending the development of the pandemic and the new cases of Covid-19 detected to determine the plans to reopen offices.


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