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Celaá assures that today "there would be no definitive closure of schools" in Spain


The Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, has assured in an interview in "Onda Cero" that today "there would be no definitive closure of schools" like the one that was witnessed in March. The minister, during her appearance, has also guaranteed that the return to the classrooms will be safe and that Spain is ready to open its schools. He has affirmed that in the case of closing a school, it would be done because of the situation in the same and not because of the situation of the pandemic in our country, since the knowledge about Covid-19 and the incidence in children is much greater than in last. He has also defended the Government's management in the preparation of the return to school and has indicated that he has not been disappeared.

"The Autonomous Communities have transferred all the powers in Education and since June they had all the information, their turn began," Celaá said in the "More than one" program.

Likewise, the Minister of Education has assured that they have maintained more than 20 meetings with the autonomous communities to prepare this return to the classroom.

On whether the Government can monitor compliance with the measures and protocols approved in June for the return to school, the minister has clarified that the technical inspection corresponds to the CCAA but the State has capacities to monitor compliance with the law, which is the high inspection.

"The children are going to be safe and parents have to know that the benefits of school are much higher than those of any other eventuality," Celaá assured. He has also explained that they will be allocated 2,000 million euros to the communities with the intention of incorporating more teachers into the classrooms.

He has announced that in September he will meet again with the Autonomous Communities to see how the protocol for going back to school has settled and has recognized that the guide that was approved in June with the measures and protocols is a dynamic guide that can be changing.

Celaá has clarified that the first thing to open and the last to close must be the school and that the schools should be kept open unless there is an uncontrolled number of infections. "We cannot close a school because the environment is more weakened by the virus," he stressed.

He has also explained that if an outbreak occurs in a school, it will be carried out a PCR the infected child or children and their close contacts. In addition, he has pointed out that children probably are not going to be infected in the classroom and trusts in the responsibility of parents.

On the other hand, the Minister of Education has recognized that today schools would not be closed as was done in March because there is scientific evidence that shows that children up to 10 or 12 years old they are not great transmission vectors, and that with the establishment of bubble groups, schools can be safely kept open.


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