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Messi and the most expensive napkin: the Barça board of directors plays "ruin" with his departure


More problems for the Blaugrana leadership. If his disastrous season had not been little, the departure of Leo Messi has further set fire to the spirits of his fans against the board chaired by Josep María Bartomeu. The president has placed his continuity at the head of the Catalan entity in the hands of the Argentine star, offering his resignation in exchange for the Rosario to reconsider and stay in the club of his life. Despite being a movement to the liking of the majority of Barça fans, Messi's approval could send the Catalan executive to "ruin" since it would have to face with its own patrimony a significant sum of the budget for next year.

The appearance of the coronavirus has eclipsed all facets of our lives and football was not going to be less. The virus has manifested bead seams of all teams.

Specifically, FC Barcelona had planned to reach 1.1 billion revenue during the 2019/2020 season. However, the inactivity in the three months of confinement, the closure of the stadium, museums and shops have caused this figure to vanish and there are more losses than profits. But, without any doubt, what has weighed the most have been television revenues, with which Barça pocketed last season 154 million euros and it became the club that won the most thanks to televisions.

In this way, it is expected that the coffers of the Barça team will close the year in negative, reaching up to 150 million euros, as recognized by the club itself. Although the sales of several footballers have alleviated this figure, a total of approximately 90 million euros have been raised, they have not been enough to cover the red numbers and square the balance of the year to 0.

The set of losses and the management, to say the least questionable, that Bartomeu and his people have carried out have caused them not to have the necessary liquidity to satisfy the requirements of the 2020/2021 campaign and, therefore, have to scratch their pockets and seize the remaining amount from their own assets, some 20 million euros. Bartomeu's ordeal seems to be a double-edged sword, since neither his own direct was expected "under any concept"This decision until this multimillionaire endorsement is well tied.


Derived from the mess that Messi's departure entails, another of the hot spots in which player and club collide is on the subject of their contract. The Argentine, if he continues in his thirteen, will seek at all costs to leave the club that saw him grow for free, both he and his closest circle understand that there is a legal basis for this.

However, FC Barcelona does not see it this way. The team from the city of Barcelona sticks to June 10, the date on which each year that clause of the contract that allows Messi to decide to leave the club for free expires. Therefore, whoever wants it will have to pay the 700 million euros of your termination clause.

Rosario relies on the fact that the context of this league, which, given the incidence of Covid-19, completely changes the scenario. Messi defends himself by pointing out that that date used to be the chosen one because by then the regular season had already ended. But not the case of this course, which has lasted until August.

In law there is a jurisprudential figure known as 'rebus sic stantibus', which comes to say something like "things being this way …", from which the Argentine star wants to benefit from its application there is the possibility that hecontracts can be interpreted, if the situation warrants it, as reported The confidential.


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