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Peter Schiff has asked his followers to send Bitcoin to his son


On Thursday (August 27), famous gold enthusiast Peter Schiff, who is one of the harshest critics of Bitcoin, asked the Twitter community to send bitcoin to his son Spencer (who turned 18 on August 26). ), as a “belated birthday present”.

Schiff is CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, a registered brokerage firm specializing in foreign markets and securities, and founder of SchiffGold, a precious metals dealer.

He is also an extremely bullish man on gold, bearish on the US dollar, and very skeptical about Bitcoin. Earlier this year, Peter lost access to his bitcoin wallet and was unaware that he could back up with his recovery phrase.

From the tweets of Spencer, son of Peter Schiff, it is clear that he does not agree with his father's claim that Bitcoin is worthless. Here is an example:

"As a fan of Austrian economics, I obviously go crazy when he says things like 'bitcoin has no intrinsic value,' but I still acknowledge the hypocrisy of his critics."

On Wednesday (August 26), Peter revealed that his son had just turned 18. Then one of Peter's Twitter followers offered to send Spencer some BTC as a gift thinking this might be his first exposure to Bitcoin; However, Spencer replied that he already had roughly $ 450 USD worth of BTC:

Spencer later explained who had bought that amount of Bitcoin about two weeks ago. Too recognized that BTC is only a small part of your investment portfolio, but you plan to buy more soon.

“My Bitcoin is a very small percentage of my portfolio. I have a lot more money in gold mining stocks. (However, I am thinking of putting a bit more in Bitcoin this week) ”.

Then yesterday (August 27), Peter asked members of the crypto community who were making fun of him because his son was buying Bitcoin to “really rub it in his face”, giving him bitcoin as a belated birthday present. :

At the time this article is published, Spencer Schiff's bitcoin wallet already holds 0.10771217 BTC, which is worth approximately $ 1,237 USD today.

In fact, it seems that Bitcoin could be the money of the next generation, no matter how much the past generation refuses to embrace the cryptocurrency.

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