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Undue payments in SEPE benefits? So they can be returned without paying surcharges


Since last March the special benefits began to be implemented due to the pandemic, failures and delays in collection have been a constant. Something that the administration has attributed to the large number of requests and the novelty in terms of procedures. Now, many affected find that they have to face interest for not having returned the overcharged. What to do to avoid paying?

He State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has issued this Thursday a note in which it explains that in the process of reviewing the benefits, it is proceeding to notify the beneficiaries of the undue charges that may have originated.

In this way, those people who have received improper charges will receive a notification to proceed with their return. Once this requirement has been notified, the interested person you have 30 business days to carry out this procedure, no surcharges or interest if it is done within the corresponding period.

The SEPE recognizes that in certain benefits for a File of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) It is possible that, when consulting the receipt, you will see an improper charge that is not real and that will disappear when the pertinent adjustments are made. Therefore, they recommend check the status of the benefit again later, to verify that the situation has been regularized.

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