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Minimum Living Income: internal order to delay applications without reason?


With the appearance of new Minimum Living Income The applications in the different services of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations increased, so it decided to hire Tragsatec, a public company subsidiary of Tragsa, to meet the requests. The value of the contract amounts to 7.6 million euros, destined to hire 500 processors in a teleworking regime. One of them explained to the newspaper The reason who received instructions for delay acceptance of files, even if the application is well presented.

The processors received orders from Tragsatec to reduce the initial classification categories – the eight or nine used by Social Security – to three: "Started", "Paralyzed" or "Required". The problem lies in the fact that, according to the former employee, some files are left in "required" when they would have to be admitted as "compliant".

"A file in 'Required' is pending the sending of a letter requesting information that was attached to a database along with all the information that we had from that file or that we had collected from that file," says the former employee of Tragsatec.

If a file that is compliant is classified as required, it enters a "limbo" that delays the receipt of the subsidy. The former employee states that the classification was not in the manuals and that it was "an internal order"by email. He refused to take it into account for" conscientious objection "and was fired, as published The reason.

Likewise, it has stated that with this method only a few 6,000 new requests. Another 74,000 grants were assigned directly after the approval of the Minimum Living Income due to the known circumstances of the recipients.


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