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Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo breaks her silence: "I did not expect attacks from the PP"


In 'Herrera en COPE', Álvarez de Toledo explained, for the first time in a media outlet after his dismissal, the reasons that in his opinion have led the leader of the training to make this decision. He assures that "I have given many details about the dismissal and perhaps some of them did not like that I gave them. When you are dismissed you have to explain the reasons why you have been dismissed. It is something that has always obsessed me, treating Spaniards as adults ".

He adds that "The president of the PP considered that my way of exercising freedom was incompatible with his authority. I think that freedom is not indiscipline and that my freedom was never an attack on Pablo Casado's authority."

Álvarez de Toledo has declared that Casado was aware of her personality when he decided to sign her, and “he asked me to fight. May that spirit of freedom that I represented come to politics. I warned him of the difficulties there would be, but he insisted and that seemed to me a detail of greatness and of believing in himself ".

Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo has explained one of the reasons for his departure has been his government model: "My government of ideal concentration is not a government with Podemos. It is a government with a democratic, enlightened left, with people who believe in the Transition .

It is a very different agreement from what Sánchez represents. It is to tell the PSOE to break with Podemos, even that he breaks up with Sánchez. It is telling Sánchez to choose between Iglesias and Spain "and it is a dilemma that" deeply bothers him. "


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