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Wall Street does not stop rising: new earnings session supported by Apple


Wall street still without releasing the green. The main US indices sign a new session of increases (+ 0.8% on average) and, in turn, an extension of their rally from their all-time highs. In fact, the one that does the best this Monday is the Dow Jones, which has reached intraday highs of six months.

Big technology companies are once again leading the increases, especially Manzana (+ 0.9%). Nor are they left behind Amazon and Microsoft, which are moving forward with enthusiasm at the beginning of the week (+ 1% and 0.8%, respectively)

In political matters, the US president, Donald Trump, wants to authorize the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine before the elections, which are held next November.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could grant an "emergency use authorization" in October to this possible vaccine, although AstraZeneca has denied this possibility, as it does not plan to complete the trials until the end of the year.

In the raw materials market, oil advances before the more than possible agreement between Russia and OPEC to extend production cuts.

According to a recent report by OPEC +, made up of the countries that make up the organization and their allies, such as Russia itself, all of them will have to further reduce their daily production of barrels in the next two months to compensate for the excess production that has taken place. from May to July.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex is also gaining ground with Grifols, Repsol and Santander among the most prominent. Finally, in Asia the stock markets have closed in green pending new news regarding the pandemic and the trade war.

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