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Félix López (Atl Capital): "The market may be irrational more than I can bear"


The series of interviews that Bolsamanía is conducting with the main Spanish fund managers leads us to Felix Lopez Esteban, Managing Partner of Atl Capital Management. It is a fixed questionnaire that professionals from both banks and independent boutiques have answered, with questions about their portfolios, their vision of the sector and financial assets, and others of a personal nature.

Question: A stock or investment book that you recommend?

Answer: The Most Important Thing To Invest With Common Sense, from Howard Marks.

The blog that you follow the most in your day to day work?

Bond watchmen.

Are you bullish or bearish between now and the end of the year?


Your oldest value in the background?


Your favorite value today?


A competitor you admire?

Howard Marks.

A place where you can relax and get your best ideas for the background?


As a personal investment: an ETF or a 'hedge fund'?

I prefer an investment fund.

Define your investment style in three words …

Simple, diversified and fundamental analysis.

Is Covid-19 worse crisis than 2008?

In financial terms no, but from an economic point of view it can be.

The great market of the future will be …


Sustainable investment: marketing, fashion or unstoppable reality?

Right now these three terms coexist, although in the medium term it will be an unstoppable reality.

Will the Spanish sicav survive?


A megatrend for the future to get on and never get off?

Health and aging.

An athlete for whom you get up early or stay up late?

Rafael Nadal.

The Billions series: myth or reality?

I have not seen. I am more to read.

Will the Ibex 35 ever move between 15,000-16,000 points again?

With absolute security. When? I don't know.

Your biggest fiasco as an investor?

Global Telesystem. Back in early 2001.

Which is better, to go short of a security or to discard it to choose a good one?

I prefer to discard it. The market may be irrational longer than I can bear.

Are fund managers well paid in Spain?

I think some do and some don't. It depends on the entity for which they work.

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