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Between the Oxford vaccine and that of China there is more than 100 euros of difference


Governments and companies are investing large amounts of money in research to achieve the Covid-19 immunization. Despite the fact that all of them have assured that the vaccine will not be a business, the price difference between them is very significant: while that of Oxford and AstraZeneca will cost between $ 3 and $ 4, Sinopharm It amounts to more than one hundred euros.

For now, there are four vaccine candidates (Sinopharm, Modern, Pfizer and Oxford and AstraZeneca) found in the Phase 3, in which clinical trials are carried out in humans in order to verify its safety and efficacy.

The President of National Biotec Group, Liu Jingzhen, a state-owned company that is part of Sinopharm, has announced that its vaccine will be "probably in December" and will cost about $ 142.37. Liu Jingzhen has explained that they intend to commercialize it when the Phase 3 tests are finished, and that their priority is "to administer it to all essential students and workers who need it." The American medical journal JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) published the results of Phase 2 of the Sinopharm vaccine a few days ago and it appears to be safe and generates immunity.

Another of the vaccines that is in the spotlight is the one that is being developed Modern. It has aroused great interest since the US decided to publicly bet on it without crediting its effectiveness. The American biotechnology company has confirmed that it had already closed agreements with some countries to sell the vaccine to priced between $ 32- $ 37 per dose. But, since the prices were for small volumes, they are expected to drop more.

The agreements of the North American Government with other pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Sanofi or AstraZeneca, implicitly place the price of the dose between the 4 and 20 dollars, according to the American communication group NPR. In the case of Pfizer, the agreement to buy 100 million doses of its vaccine would put the price of this around $ 20.

Regarding the vaccine from the University of Oxford and AstraZeneca, Mexico will be in charge of packaging it and completing the production process, as reported by Argentine President Alberto Fernández. The Carlos Slim Foundation will finance the product. Fernández added that the agreement with this Mexican civil association "allows access to more reasonable prices," and estimated that the vaccine will cost between 3 and 4 dollars a dose. "This is very significant for Latin America because it allows all of our countries to access it."

For now it would be the cheapest of the market among the options, since the intention of this company, which collaborates in conjunction with the English University, is to sell it at the same production cost of 2.8 dollars (2.5 euros).


The manufacturing process, the availability of the components, the number of doses required and the way in which it must be stored and transported are some of the factors that affect the cost of producing a vaccine. In case the vaccines include adjuvants, the initial price may increase, but the number of doses required would decrease.

He main factor What determines the money a pharmaceutical company charges for a vaccine is the amount governments are willing to pay for it. Richer countries usually pay more.

According to research published in the Spanish magazine of Public Health, the cost of vaccinating a person throughout life amounts to 726 euros in healthy women and 625 euros in healthy men. This study specifies that the National Health System of Spain invests in vaccination 0.25% of their health budget, and that the annual flu vaccine from the age of 65, taking into account an average life expectancy of 83 years, costs 185.4 euros.

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