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John McAfee announced that he will leave the Ghost project


John McAfee left the Ghost privacy coin project. He communicated it on Twitter with several publications in which he explained the reasons for the resounding goodbye.

As can be seen from the tweet, the management that he entrusted with developing the privacy coin has disappointed him. That is why he says without hesitation that Ghost:

"It will certainly fail"

The problem lies in Josh case, who, according to McAfee, did not focus on Ghost as it should.

He is made a strong accusation: that of not having fulfilled his promise to focus 100% on Ghost. Instead, he would have worked on other projects like Clearpoll and Ethershare.

In another Tweet, McAfee is even more explicit:

Basically what McAfee claims is that Ghost is going bankrupt due to poor management. And he has no intention of supporting a dying project.

Words that sound very harsh, especially since only a few days before McAfee made a declaration of love for Ghost. He also claimed that he had worked his entire life to create the ecosystem that was now coming to life around Ghost, including an exchange, a cryptocurrency, and a phone.

McAfee leaves cryptocurrency Ghost but maintains phone service

In reality, the famous influencer says goodbye to the cryptocurrency project, which, he announces, will be replaced, but will continue with another service connected to Ghost, the Ghost Cell Phone Data Service.

It will launch on September 30 and will guarantee maximum privacy to users in their communications: they will not be tracked, since they will use eSim and will enjoy a secure, fast and wide coverage connection in at least 35 countries around the world.

The disappointment of the fans

John McAfee's choice surprised and in some cases left his supporters baffled. On Twitter, McAfee has been told that many fans have invested in Ghost as they were attracted to the McAfee name.

However, the influencer was not moved. It's all the fault of Josh Case, he says, who screwed up the privacy coin project. Better to focus on phone service, the new heart of the Ghost ecosystem.

A disappointment that is strong even for the same McAfee who said he was ready to remove Ghost tattoo.

All to do again. Those who dreamed of seeing a McAfee-branded cryptocurrency will have to wait much longer. It only remains to see how the Phone Data Service project that promises to change the world of telecommunications will evolve.

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