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Miguel Bosé rectifies after the anticovid demonstration: "The bug exists"


Miguel Bosé has rectified his message about Covid-19. Through a video posted on his Instagram account, the singer has changed his speech stating that "the bug exists and has killed many people". Bosé, during the weekend, was one of the biggest agitators in favor of the anticovid demonstration that was held in the Plaza de Colón (Madrid) last Sunday, although he was not part of it.

Since the virus appeared, the artist has not stopped making comments about it, doubting its existence and speculating that the coronavirus is a "great lie of governments." He has used his latest appearances on Twitter to support the anti-mask protest and stand against vaccines and 5G.

However, this Thursday he wanted to open up for the first time so that people stop misinterpreting him. "They have punished me, I have been a bad child, so in a week I do not have one of the three networks," he commented at the beginning of the video. "The data we handle are official, we are not inventing anything. Anyone who wants can access these pages and contrast. When news arrives, you have to make the effort to go further ”, he concluded.

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