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To get profitability from the tourist rental this year? Yes, but only in the beach and mountain area


In an atypical summer like this in which our country lacks tourism, mainly international, the owners who dedicate themselves to vacation rentals have seen how the profitability of your home cannot recover the land who had won before the pandemic was decreed, and this, after practically disappearing during the months of the state of alarm.

Due to the uncertainty over Covid-19, the majority of Spaniards are choosing to travel within the country. 45% intend to leave their community, 37% will choose destinations on the coast and 14 and 15% will opt for inland and mountain tourism, respectively. During July, the CCAA with the highest occupancy level were Balearic Islands (65%), Euskadi (45%) and Andalusia (36%), expecting slightly higher occupancy levels during August.

These are the data from a survey carried out by the Federation of Homes for Tourist Use (FEVITUR), in which they state that owners of tourist rental homes, mainly those located in coastal or rural areas, have begun to see the light after the months of confinement. In fact, this type of accommodation could benefit from this crisis, since, according to this same study, 45% of Spaniards claim to prefer tourist accommodation as the first option for this summer and 65% of them think that these houses offer better hygiene measures than other alternatives.

However, it should not be overlooked that this time when the economy has to deal with the consequences of Covid-19 is a great challenge for the owners of these tourist rental properties. For this reason, the experts from the Valuation Institute propose some guidelines to be able to obtain the highest possible profitability from housing for this purpose. Among them is to put prices according to the market depending on the characteristics of the accommodation. "Ideally, the owners analyze both the supply and the demand in the area in which the house is located," they explain. It must be taken into account that single-family homes are the most demanded to the detriment of multi-family homes, both in coastal and rural destinations, since they have larger private areas and large spaces.

It is also convenient to offer discounts for longer rentals, given that this year families are looking for accommodation where they can spend periods of weeks or up to a month, without having to be moving or even allowing them to reconcile intensive work days in summer with the enjoyment of the holiday destination. Giving visibility to the home in the appropriate portals is key and, since interest begins in photosIt is very important that the ad stands out with quality images of the spaces that will capture the customer's attention.

Among the priorities this summer are swimming pools, gardens, terraces, outdoor spaces and natural environments. Now more than ever, people are trying to avoid public places and crowds, so properties with these characteristics should highlight them as they are the factors that can attract the most interest. In addition, this year the focus is on hygiene, so it is extremely important that tourist accommodation comply to the maximum with all hygiene measures to ensure the space is clean and properly sanitized and safe for tenants. "Customers will have more confidence in the homes that guarantee these measures, and for this, a good idea would be to inform the users, in the description of the home, the security protocol that is being followed for its disinfection. Some CCAA have put the possibility of obtaining a distinctive or seal that identifies that they comply with the security measures related to Covid-19", say the experts.

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    I mean the locals might be having a hard time to rent it or even have a vacay so most countries really rely on tourists money

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