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The Ibex rises 0.72% and breaks a streak of four negative sessions


The Ibex has broken a streak of four consecutive sessions in the red, after rising 0.72% this Wednesday to stand at 7,094 points. The Spanish selective has been boosted by large stocks such as Santander (+ 3.05%), Santander (+ 3.03%) and Telefónica (+ 2.41%); but also by IAG (+ 7.09%), which was the most bullish of the session.

The rest of the European stock exchanges have traded in tune with the Ibex, in a day in which it has been known that the euro zone inflation rebounded to 0.4% in July and that UK inflation rose to 1%. Within the macroeconomic sphere, investors are still waiting for the minutes of the Federal Reserve (Fed) to be published this afternoon and also for the beginning of the OPEC + meeting.

As for the Fed's minutes, which will be released with the European stock markets closed and correspond to the July meeting, analysts say that it will be particularly interesting to see what they say before the important meeting in September, in which the agency is expected to announce news.

Regarding the tensions between the US and China, it is being the aspect that is weighing the most in the markets this week. In the opinion of David Madden, analysts at CMC Markets in London, "today's showdown is different from the era of trade disputes, when Mr. Trump was much louder, and it seemed as if he wanted to be seen verbally attacking China. Faced with the fact that he has to fight in an election in a few months, he is taking a different approach. There is no doubt that he will use the Chinese government as the bogeyman when he is on the election campaign, but given the state of the US economy, it's unlikely to do anything too aggressive fearing that the Beijing administration could launch a tough economic attack".

In other markets, investors have continued to look to gold (-2.2%; $ 1,967), that in the past day recovered the 2,000 dollars. The precious metal has seen big changes this month as it hit an all-time high in early August. This was followed by a sizeable pullback early last week but, since Wednesday, it has been picking up those losses. Metals had a positive trend on Tuesday, as copper, silver and platinum also rose.

In addition, the Brent oil has fallen by 0.31% at the close of the market in Europe, to $ 45.31, while the euro it has depreciated 0.26% and changed to $ 1.1899. And the profitability of 10-year Spanish bond has relaxed slightly to 0.28%, while the Spanish risk premium it rises gently around 79 basis points.

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