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Interview with Henry Useche top user in Colombia of Binance's P2P platform


In this new interview about the products of the Binance exchange we had the opportunity to speak with Henry Useche Top user in Colombia of the Binance P2P platform, who has been working on P2P platforms for 3 and a half years.

Below we will share our series of questions about the Binance P2P platform that we shared with our friend Henry.

one. What attracted you to using the Binance P2P platform?

Henry: I have been using your Exchange for years and it seems to me a very good platform, when I found out that it was possible to trade in p2p I registered to start trading there, I know that soon they will be one of the largest platforms in p2p commerce and I wanted to be one of their first traders.

two. What aspects do you think differentiate Binance's P2P platform from the ones you already used?

Henry: There are several, the first that they do not charge commissions, but one of the things that stand out the most and that I like the most is its proximity to the community and its effort to listen to those who operate in it. This is essential for the growth of the platform and that it adapts to the needs of the users. Your app is very functional, fast and they are constantly updating it and have corrected some errors, in fact, it is already good, but I know it will be excellent without a doubt.

3. Do you consider Binance's P2P platform easy to use?

Henry: For me I already know how to use it and it is very versatile, although I have noticed that for new people it is a bit complicated, I also suppose because there are many people who are not used to using exchanges or other platforms, surely over time it will be much more easy for beginners.

4. What personal opinion do you have about the Binance P2P platform?

Henry: Well basically I mentioned it before, but in general I really like how they are doing things, they are growing rapidly, they are working hard to communicate to people about this type of exchange, they help them with manuals on their use, they disseminate information about progress on the networks and new tools, and they are constantly updating the platform and the app.

5What aspect or function would you add or remove to the platform?

Henry: I would add: Reputation system with ratings and comments, user profile visualization where you can see not only how many operations they have made, but also their volume of trade and time on the platform.

Quitaria: Two factors to modify price, obligation to publish a bank account.

6. Do you think Binance's P2P platform is friendly to totally new and inexperienced users?

Henry: Actually yes, but it is my perception, although as I have said I have noticed that some new users get a bit entangled, surely there are things that can be improved.

7What advice or message would you leave to all people, both new and old, for a better use of the platform?

Henry: Do not receive payments from third party accounts, post or bid only if you are sure of the purchase since many testing the platform block funds or cancel without even leaving a message

We thank our friend Henry for sharing your point of view about this great P2P exchange platform.

Binance's P2P platform has been stealing the interest of traders as the exchange increasingly becomes a hub for all kinds of cryptocurrency trading.

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