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Iglesias: "There is no right for my children to suffer the consequences"


Pablo Iglesias, second vice president of the Government and leader of Podemos, and Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, have expressed their discomfort through Twitter, after leaving your vacation in Asturias by threats and insults they were receiving. "There is no right for my children to suffer the consequences of their parents' political commitment and tasks, but there are thousands of children in much more vulnerable situations," Iglesias lamented.

The couple and their three children were spending their vacations in a house of the family of the secretary general of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, located in the town of Felgueres where they planned to stay more days. But after their location was published on social networks and the protests were triggered, they decided to return to Madrid.

The leader of Podemos has described as "serious"what" the extreme right and certain media "are doing to his family." There are people who have paid with their freedom, with their lives or with torture, defending their ideas and doing politics. It is not our case, "he said.

In his Twitter thread he has also shown gratitude towards all the people who are supporting them, with specific mention to Enrique Santiago and his family for being "the best hosts." Also, Iglesias has highlighted the work of the police who escort them: "Fulfilling their work with the greatest professionalism and the best humane treatment."

"Their hatred and threats will not stop our work," he said, referring to the "extreme right and its media." "The example of ordinary, honest and courageous people who are not afraid of fascism is for us the greatest motivation to continue," Iglesias concluded.

For its part, Irene Montero He has also spoken on Twitter expressing his gratitude to all those who dress them with the hashtag #MiCasaEsLaTuya. "The extreme right and its media know that only with fear and hatred can they stop the advance of democracy and social rights. Their aggressiveness is their weakness," he declared.

In addition, he recalled that: "Not so long ago that for being on the left, a trade unionist, for defending democracy or for being homosexual, the extreme right persecuted you." "Social and democratic advances always have enemies. In the face of hatred: social justice and democracy," he declared.


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