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Former ministers and senior officials of the PSOE, PP and UCD sign a manifesto in support of Juan Carlos I


More than seventy former ministers, former regional presidents, ambassadors and other former senior officials of the PSOE, PP and UCD have signed a manifesto of support for Juan Carlos I, in which they defend his presumption of innocence and remember his legacy in these more than forty years of democracy, the "most fruitful historical stage that Spain has known in contemporary times ".

The document defends that "the parliamentary monarchy, as well as the whole of the 1978 Constitution, have fostered a Modern Spain, with an advanced political, economic and social system forged in freedom, justice and solidarity ".

It has been signed by the socialists Alfonso Guerra, Celestino Corbacho and Matiulde Fernández; the 'popular' Josep Piqué, Rafael Catalá, Ana Pastor and Esperanza Aguirre; and Rodolfo Martín Villa (UCD), among others.

The manifesto is aimed at both Spanish citizens of all origins, ideology or condition, as well as public and private entities, social and economic leaders, and is open to anyone who wants to adhere to it in favor of coexistence based on mutual respect. and freedom.

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