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Bitcoin and Tesla have become favorites among Americans thanks to their excellent annual returns


2020 has been a historic year for both Tesla stocks and Bitcoin. The two assets have enjoyed spectacular price increases over the past seven months or so. These impressive advances have brought Tesla and bitcoin to the limelight, especially among Americans. This is according to the financial charting platform, TradingView.

Tesla and Bitcoin: the most viewed assets in the United States

Tesla, the leading maker of crypto and electric cars, were America's most-viewed assets on TradingView during July. The charting platform posted a report on August 13, citing that Tesla was the most-watched stock in 31 states. Bitcoin was not far behind when second place was secured.

Bitcoin and Tesla became popular due to their incredible careers this year. The two assets have been shining amid a pandemic, attracting more investors and expanding their market limits. TradingView notes that TSLA has "almost tripled" in value since the beginning of the year. Meanwhile, bitcoin has gained a staggering 60% to date.

TradingView also noted that bitcoin has caught the attention of people in California, Oregon, and Washington. “The west coast is the one that loves cryptocurrencies the most”, TradingView added.

Investors are dabbling in the Bitcoin and Tesla markets

Tesla's stock price fell to $ 360 in March after the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, but rose to record levels months later. In fact, at some point, Tesla boss Elon Musk he claimed that stocks were overvalued. However, this did not discourage investors, as stocks continued to rise even after Musk's tweet.

In a similar vein, BTC is collapsed at just $ 3,700 during the March fiasco. Interestingly, the flagship cryptocurrency rallied strongly in the following months to take advantage of the elusive $ 12,000 level a couple of times.

With this strong momentum, it is not surprising that high-profile investors like Paul Tudor Jones, MicroStrategy and Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports are making big bets on cryptocurrency # 1.

Moving forward, bitcoin is ideally positioned to see further growth in the coming months based on its solid fundamentals.

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