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Health bans smoking in the street and decrees the closure of nightclubs throughout Spain


He Ministry of Health has agreed with the autonomous communities the closure of nightlife venues to combat the spread of coronavirus. Too prohibits smoking in the street and terraces as long as the interpersonal distance of two meters is not guaranteed.

The Interterritorial Council of the extraordinary National Health System held today has approved unanimously a series of measures that will be applied in all the autonomous communities, according to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, at the end of the meeting with the regional governments.

In this way, The closure of discos, dance halls and cocktail bars is decreed, after the shoots have grown in the nightlife.

Likewise, the hotel business must close at one in the morning and the restaurants will not be able to admit clients after midnight. They must also guarantee the distance of one and a half meters between clients. As Galicia already did, all the autonomous communities will now apply the ban on smoking in the street and on terraces when interpersonal distance cannot be guaranteed.

In residences for the elderly hopen to PCR testing of new residents and all workers when they return from vacation or new employees join the staff. Visits will be limited to one family member per resident and the visit may not exceed one hour.

In mass activities, Illa pointed out that the health authority of each autonomous community will make a risk assessment.

Likewise, the Minister of Health recalled that the bottle is prohibited in Spain and he encouraged the authorities in each region to apply the "sanctioning regime" forcefully to prevent young people from drinking alcohol in the street.


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