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Finally something is moving in the world of pensions


It seems that the difficult situation the pension system is experiencing is finally beginning! to worry our politicians after months ignoring an unquestionable fact such as the unsustainability of the current model. The latest report from the Bank of Spain published a few days ago has quantified the difference between what each worker contributes during their work stage and what they receive when they retire: 1.7 euros for each euro contributed, which is 74% more.

Although now they want us to believe that the coronavirus has been the trigger for this sudden interest and that if the recovery of GDP slows down, as expected, more money will have to be used to finance pensionsAll of us who work in this sector have known for many years that this "party" had to end one day.

Surprising now of the consequences of maintaining an old system that took into account a life expectancy almost ten years less than we have now is not very credible. As I have said on other occasions, we are facing a political problem: who dares to upset 8.8 million pensioners?

I am glad to know that Minister José Luis Escrivá has sent a letter to the unions and the employers calling for September to start talking about the public pension system. It is good news, necessary. Now, I am very suspicious of what we can expect from these meetings given the political polarization we are experiencing. To start with, UGT has accused the Bank of Spain of "alarmist" for that report on pension costs. I think that's how we got off to a bad start. There is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see.

If we really want to start fixing this problem, let's stop looking for the culprits, let's look for solutions and assume that we live in a different moment: fewer contributions to social security due to lower wages and the increase in the number of unemployed, empty pension money box , more life expectancy for retirees …

All initiatives are welcome, but if we want to be truly European, let's look for formulas that involve the State, companies and workers. A mixed formula, public and private, that brings us a valid system for the next 100 years and guarantees retirement beyond the interests of our political parties.


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