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Donald Trump announces "historic peace agreement" between Israel and the United Arab Emirates


US President Donald Trump announced this Thursday a "historic peace agreement" between Israel and United Arab Emirates

As is customary in the North American president, he has released the news through his official Twitter profile where has described the union between both territories as a "huge advance".

Thanks to this agreement, the United Arab Emirates becomes the third Arab country to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel, after Egypt and Jordan.

"This historic diplomatic breakthrough will promote peace in the Middle East region"The three countries say in a joint statement signed, in addition to Trump, by the Prime Minister of Israel and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

The US president has not been the only one to celebrate the agreement, so has Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister, who has joined the words of his American counterpart and He has described it as "historic".

As part of the agreement, Israel has agreed suspend the annexation of parts of the occupied West Bank. Netanyahu had vowed to annex areas of Palestinian territory while campaigning in last year's elections, but the process has stalled in recent weeks.

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