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Apple One ', the Apple service that will bring together all your applications in one subscription


Apple oneThis is how Tim Cook's new tool has been baptized to group all its services into a single subscription. The application will be available from October 2020 and will present different pricing plans.

Apple had been considering this idea since 2019. With its launch and if nothing changes, what they want is that customers pay less than they should pay if they hired it separately. Apple One will bring together Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple News + and Apple Arcade, as confirmed by journalist Mark Gurman to the online newspaper Bloomberg.

There will be three packages offered by the company. The most basic will be composed of Apple Music and Apple TV +, called as the multimedia plan. In second place the intermediate will be positioned, which will integrate Apple arcade plus the two services of the previous one. He who follows it will add Apple News + to all past features, while the premium range will feature extra iCloud space for files and photos.

However, it is still He does not know what price the packages will have, but the savings are expected to vary between $ 5 and $ 5 a month (€ 1.70 – € 4.23). In any case, the press assumes that it will be known in October, raising awareness with the presentation of the new iPhone 12.

The idea follows closely the passes of Google One, the Google service that allows you to acquire storage for One, Gmail and Google Photos. Its launch will coincide with the first anniversary of Apple TV +, which was introduced in November 2019.

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