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A New Nation Built on Philosophies of Freedom and Prosperity


A nation that believes in freedom believes in individuals’ right to decide how to direct their lives. The U.A.S. government is an entity that believes in allowing its citizens to craft their path with the freedom of choice. Under the leadership of its President, Steve McCullah, the government intends to offer its citizens unprecedented freedom. 


Africa has had a history of government coercion and manipulation of its people. The United Allied States plans to correct this slight by giving the people the liberty they crave to prosper. They have studied the histories and mistakes of past governments to come up with their driving principles. When you open the way to liberty, you make it possible for people to craft their unique path to prosperity and improve their lives.

U.A.S. Applying Policies That Allow Greater Freedom

Freedom is a broad scope of ideas and concepts that are hard to pin down in one definition. However, a majority of people can agree that freedom involves individual autonomy and the liberty to make choices without coercion. 


The United Allied States is determined to build a nation that observes and champions individual freedom. It has put in place policies to that effect in the hopes of building the prosperity of its people. The entity believes that the key to success and growth lies in letting its citizens control their destinies. They are determined to bring the American dream to Africa, an idea that focuses on the power of freedom to transform lives.

The entity is giving Africa a chance for a fresh start bringing unity and freedom to all U.A.S. citizens of all creeds and color. 

Economic Prosperity

The U.A.S maintains laissez-faire market conditions to generate new levels of prosperity and freedom among its citizens. A free-market system empowers small businesses to come up with innovation and grow. Furthermore, using free-market economic principles allows nations to interact with other countries in the global market freely.


Unfortunately, most of the trade opportunities in Africa are hindered by the governments’ restrictions on the local and global markets. Excessive taxes and unnecessary regulations discourage individuals from starting up businesses or exploring new ventures in the market.


The United Allied States government plans to reduce the burden of traders in the nation by issuing zero personal income tax and corporate tax. This move will give entrepreneurs the necessary freedom to succeed in their businesses and innovations. The higher the competition in the market from innovative business models, the higher the quality of goods produced. Moreover, the free market system will create more job opportunities and give citizens a chance at prosperity. The U.A.S. will become the least regulated and most freedom-focused prosperous nation on earth. 


An individual’s economic independence is expressed in their ability to run their business without unnecessary interference from the government. The U.A.S. will give companies the freedom they need to thrive and dominate the global economy.

Transparency and Governance

The United Allied States commits to provide its citizens with the most efficient and technologically advanced government on earth. The entity got a technology partner, Apollo Fintech, to give residents the best services. Apollo is a blockchain-based company set to handle most of the government departments and services using blockchain technology. Furthermore, these departments will all be interconnected utilizing this technology, easing the use of government facilities. Citizens of the state will be able to access all their official documents in one place.


Blockchain technology ensures that all transactions are entirely open to the public making all government expenditure traceable. The U.A.S. is ready to have regular audits with blockchain in its administration.

Freedom for Research and Innovation

The United Allied States plan to have an investment framework that supports research and innovation in the state—therefore becoming a leader in research and tech development. It is committed to creating open forums that will draw the brightest minds from across the globe to share ideas and do research. 


Moreover, the United Allied States is set to improving its residents’ quality of life through world-class education. Diversifying the curriculum in the education of the children will create unprecedented job opportunities and development of innovation. The U.A.S. is ready to become a global leader in education by investing in the young generation and empowering them. Quality education is the best tool possible to achieve greatness and make the U.A.S. a center for research, discovery, and innovation.

Authors Note

The United Allied States is a beacon of opportunity and prosperity to Africa. The entity’s aim of creating a freedom focused and prosperous nation will bring the much-needed change in areas experiencing economic hardships. By promoting the values of free-market enterprise, liberty, and respect for human life, the government is giving Africa the American dream. It will quickly rise to become a world leader in and finance ad technology and improve the lives of all citizens under the state. 

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