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Very strong increases in Tesla after approving a 'split' to divide each share into 5 titles


Tesla shares have risen this Wednesday about 14% on Wall Street after announcing a 'split' at the close of the day yesterday. Through this operation, also known as share splitting, will divide each of your titles into 5 new ones.

The 'split' will be carried out between all shareholders who have Tesla titles next August 21, although the four additional shares will not be distributed until the close of business on August 28. In addition, within the established deadlines, it is stipulated that the adjusted negotiation after this operation will take place as of August 31.

The Board of Directors of the electric vehicle manufacturer has made this decision to make the company "more accessible to employees and investors", since the current price of the shares will be divided by five. After the close of the day on Tuesday, each of its titles $ 1,374.

The company is skyrocketing on Wall Street after chaining four consecutive earnings quarters, a milestone for Tesla. In their latest results, those of the second quarter of the year, reported revenue of $ 6.04 billion, a figure 12% above analyst estimates. For its part, the net profit was 104 million dollars.

With this move, Tesla follow apple passes. At the beginning of the month, the technology company led by Tim Cook carried out a very similar operation, for which it will divide each of its shares into four.


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