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Netflix series "How to sell drugs online (fast)" has included Bitcoin in its new season


The second season of "How to sell drugs online (fast)" appeared a few days ago on Netflix and has become one of the most viewed series on the platform.

The story is that of a German teenager who opens an online ecstasy store, MyDrugs. Of course, the payment method was cryptocurrency. Four crypto assets are shown in the first season:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • Iota;
  • XRP.

In season two, only Bitcoin remains, and there is no trace of the other three coins. The second season opens with Moritz and Lenny, accompanied by Dan, who don't know how to redeem their bitcoins. They say they are the only criminals (teenagers) who don't have good cars.

That's why not have found a way to convert bitcoin to fiat without being tracked.

Dan, the handsome school boy, the son of a wealthy athlete, who appears with a credit card with the Bitcoin logo, is the counterpart of Kira, who instead uses mixers to hide transactions and divide the BTC, essentially to make That they take that long road that leads to the bitcoins being converted into euros that end up in the bank account of the three boys. An account managed by Dan's mom.

The result is that Dan's card ends up smashed because according to Moritz and Lenny, it's traceable. While Kira, a nerd who is involved with Lenny, makes her living using Bitcoin in another way: installing ransomware on the cell phones of the unfortunate victims who connect to open Wi-Fi networks. He asks them for a payment in bitcoin of about 1,000 euros.

In summary, In this TV series, Bitcoin is described as a tool to buy drugs and pay ransoms. There is no evidence of its use as envisioned by its founder, Satoshi Nakamoto, a simple decentralized payment system.

But at least the series has the merit of deny that Bitcoin can be anonymous, when explaining its operation.

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXU_XmDiOlI (/ embed)

How to sell drugs online, a true story

The main character of the television series is Moritz, a German teenager who opens an online store to sell ecstasy in order to win back Lisa, his girlfriend who has come back a little different from a school trip to America.

Remember a little Mr. White, the unsuspected chemistry professor who stars Breaking bad, who begins to produce amphetamines to provide financial support to his family when he leaves due to his lung cancer.

White's business grows so large that he ends up cornering the Mexican drug cartels. The same goes for Mo, who starts out buying ecstasy from a local drug dealer and then gets supplies from Dutch “professionals”.

Like Walter White, who has a brother-in-law at the DEA, Moritz has a cop in the house, his father.

But there are a couple of significant differences:

  • Moritz ends up being located by the police;
  • Moritz is a true story, and MyDrugs is just a different name for the true Shiny Flakes.

How to sell drugs online also remember The Social Network, which is also a true story. The disagreements between the three friends who run MyDrugs are reminiscent of those of Mark Zuckerberg and the Winklevoss twins at the time of the founding of Facebook.

As a last resort, How to Sell Drugs Online is a television series that can be seen in one go. Like the first season, the second season is made up of six 30-minute episodes, all of which can be seen in half a day on the couch. His coverage of Bitcoin is limited to the negative and describes MyDrugs as the German Silk Road.

On the whole, however, it is an intriguing and engaging series that enjoyed great success. So much so that Netflix has already announced the third season.

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