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Wall Street closes in the red, the S&P 500 cannot reach its all-time highs


Wall street (Dow Jones -0.37%; S&P 500-0.79%; Nasdaq -1.69%) has turned down in the last bars of the session and has closed in red after the Monday mixed closure. Investors seemed optimistic about the evolution of the pandemic in the United States, which seems to give a truce in the last days; and the Russian announcement that it already has a vaccine. However, doubts have been put before hope, and it is no wonder that Putin's announcement is surrounded by the distrust of the scientific community.

He S&P 500 it has reached less than 1% of its historical maximum in February, a level that has resisted this Tuesday. During this day, the values ​​associated with tourism sector, very sensitive to the news about the virus, have been some of the most benefited by the latest news.

Despite the red numbers there are positive factors, one is that Donald Trump has indicated that his Administration is considering a capital gains tax cut. This is not entirely new, but it serves to underpin positive investor sentiment and has delivered strong profits for banks. Good proof of this is that the KBW Banks index, which groups together the main American banks, which has risen close to 3%.

Another relevant aspect of the day is that, for the first time in many weeks, the tech sector is not leading earnings. What's more, the Nasdaq It has led the falls this Tuesday and is increasingly moving away from 11,000 points, which may indicate the beginning of a rotation of assets towards values ​​more linked to the economic cycle.

In this sense, the indicator Dow Jones Transportation register a Bullish streak of 10 consecutive days in which it has appreciated more than 13%, its best record since 2013. The hope of a new economic stimulus package by Congress it is one of the main factors to explain this positive behavior.

At the business level, CNBC has anticipated that Airbnb, the online platform for tourist rentals, plan to go public soon.

And in other markets, the West Texas oil falls 0.9% to $ 41.55, while the euro it depreciates 0.05% and changes to $ 1.1729. While the refuge values ​​par excellence are being lived heavy falls. Gold is leaving more than 5% at this time on Tuesday while silver is plummeting more than 14%.

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