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Trump breaks the agreement with Kodak and gives him the lace in the stock market: it plummets 30%


The joys have lasted little for Kodak. The US company is plummeting about 30% at this time Monday after the Donald Trump government broke the agreement it reached with it to start manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

After the announcement, its shares soared 300% on the market, a figure that did not take long to set off all the alarms. To such an extent that currently is being investigated for alleged insider trading.

The US International Financial Development Corporation indicated this weekend that misconduct investigations They "create serious concerns" in the federal government.

This has led Trump to change his mind and remove the $ 765 million loan to start producing pharmaceuticals.

Since the announcement, it has only registered two days in green, in fact, since then their shares have fallen by about 70% going from being worth more than 33 dollars (its historical maximum) to the current 10.

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