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Technical analysis office: Telefónica, Acciona, Biosearch, Indra, Oryzon, Amazon, Zoom and Tesla


Next, we give an answer to the values ​​for which we have been asked the most throughout the morning. José María Rodríguez, technical analyst at Bolsamanía, analyzes Amazon, Tesla, Zoom, Acciona, Indra, Biosearch, Oryzon Genomics and Telefónica.

Technical analysis

Good morning, José María. I enjoy and learn a lot reading your comments about the different values. I'd like to know if it's a good time to sell stocks and profit from tech stocks like Amazon, Tesla or Zoom. And about Acciona, how do you see the value technically? Thank you so much in advance for your attention. GIVES.

Dear reader, good afternoon. As a general rule, it can be said that all the securities you have in your portfolio are clearly bullish. But that does not mean that they cannot correct at any time (reaction phase), because in order to continue climbing positions we need prices to fall, without for this reason they stop being bullish at any time in the medium and long term. . That said, and starting with Amazon, it is an absolute free rise value. And therefore there is no more to say because there is no greater sign of strength than this. Just look at the bullish background or primary guideline from 2008 to today, with three flawless footholds at it. This title is a clear keep in portfolio.

Amazon monthly chart

As to Zoom Communications, this is also clearly bullish. We have an important support zone in the area of ​​approximately $ 235-240. Last growing low that also coincides with the upward guideline that joins the lows since the end of January. Moreover, a priori any support in this line should be interpreted as a new opportunity to get on the shopping train. But otherwise it is still a clear hold in the portfolio.

Zoom Communications Daily Chart

As to Actuate, It is a title of the most interesting today because it is trying to confirm a double bottom with an objective of rise (theoretical minimum), at 124 euros. And above there is nothing really important until the all-time highs at 145 euros. Note also how the annual lows, the lows of May, correspond to an impeccable support in the primary bullish guideline, which joins the increasing lows since 2012. Therefore, it can be said that Acciona is today of the securities of our Ibex that has the best technical aspect at this time.

Acciona weekly chart

Finally, regarding Tesla, I invite you to read here the analysis we conducted of the company at the end of July. And so, after a long-term perspective that you should never lose sight of, tell him that it is still in the corrective phase, draining the important previous rises. But nothing else. This is clearly bullish in terms of medium and long term. With an important support in the vicinity of $ 1,200 where we have a weekly bullish gap and below and of greater relevance we have $ 969-1000: the previous historical highs. Which means that a fall so far, and I'm not saying that it necessarily has to occur, would fit even within the normal parameters. It is you. very kind for his words. Thank you very much, greetings.

Tesla weekly chart

Hello good day. I would appreciate it if you analyze the possible behavior of Indra in view of its current chart and the latest contracts obtained which seem to have no effect on the price. I don't understand why she's still so burdened. Thanks in advance and best regards. JA.MS.

Dear investor, good afternoon. Don't try to find an explanation for every movement in price and news. Very little news is capable of reversing a bottom trend, in this case bearish. It can occasionally have a positive effect of days, or hours. But in the end, the underlying trend is the one that almost always prevails. Thus, after being pierced Indra the support of the May lows (6.55), now resistance, it can be said that it no longer has any support until the 2012 lows, at 5.70 euros. That's where the title seems to have headed. And then we will see if the support holds or not. Thanks to you, greetings.

Indra weekly chart

Good Morning. Thanks for your advice. I want to enter Biosearch and Oryzon, is it time to do it? I wait? Where should I wait for them to enter and take positions? Regards. M.LS.

Dear reader, good afternoon. It seems that Biosearch He wants to try, although we will have confirmation above the resistance of 1.40 euros. Above this resistance we will have an important signal of strength, a prelude to what may end up being a movement towards the 2018 highs at approximately two euros. All in all, I want to stay without a doubt with the impeccable bullish channel through which the price has been moving since 2012. The annual lows, specific dilations aside, coincided with the base of the channel, by definition support. And the truth is that we cannot rule out that this has headed to the top of it in the medium and long term.

Biosearch weekly chart

As to Oryzon Genomics, and regardless of the short-term lurching, what really matters is in the bearish guideline, with impeccable points of tangency, which joins the decreasing highs since July 2018. To the extent that the price is not able to jump easily above, preferably in weekly candles, we will not have any signal of real strength that is indicating the beginning of a trend change in terms of the medium and long term. Honestly, I would feel a lot more comfortable jumping on the shopping train when the time comes to leave the guideline behind. I do not mind buying higher, but if in the end I do it, it is with the confirmation of a change in trend. Thanks to you, greetings.

Oryzon Genomics Daily Chart

Hello. I recently bought Telefónica shares at 4.08 euros thinking about the long term. And I don't know whether to buy a few more. Can you tell me the most important supports and resistances at this time? Thank you very much and greetings. E.R.

Dear investor, good afternoon. First of all I invite you to read here the last analysis we carry out on the operator's titles. Right now the only support you have Telephone It is at the annual minimum (3,389) and below there is nothing until the area of ​​2.50 euros: the minimum of 2002. The aspect cannot be more bearish, which does not mean that it can rebound strongly in some moments. But the downtrend is manual, impeccable. In the absence of having some kind of figure back, which we do not have or expect, it is a title that I would watch from the sidelines. Thank you very much, greetings.

Telefónica weekly chart

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