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Lebanon's Executive resigns en bloc after Beirut catastrophe


Hassan Diab, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, announced this Monday the en bloc resignation of his government after the disaster in the port of Beirut, which has caused the death of 164 people and more than 6,000 injured, as El País has pointed out. In a speech to the nation, Diab has defended the decision explaining that the Executive "done step back to be with the population"

For the Libyan Prime Minister the explosions have been the consequence of "chronic corruption" that the country accuses and he added that "the corruption network is bigger than the State." In addition, he lamented that the Lebanese political class "is resisting through all dirty means to avoid a change." And in his defense, he has declared that this determination "complies with the demand of the population for a real change."

Last Saturday night, a part of the Asian people took to the streets of Beirut demanding the resignation of the Government, becoming the most violent day since the protests began with the death of a policeman and more than 700 injured. Hours earlier, Diab had already called for the holding of early elections.

The news was a shouting secret, since the last 48 hours, five of the 30 ministers had already resigned: those of Information, Manal Abdel Samad; Environment, Demianos Qattar; Defending; Zeina Adra; Justice, Marie Claude Najm, and Finance; Ghazi wazni


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