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Positive cases for coronavirus rebound to 1,895 in the last 24 hours


The Ministry of Health has registered 4,507 new cases of coronavirus, of which 1,895 have been reported in the last 24 hours.

However, Aragon, the currently most affected community, has not provided data due to technical problems. The difference in the number of global cases increased by 4,088 after adding the cases of the communities that had not been able to send their data in recent days.

Since the beginning of the pandemic they have been confirmed 314,362 diagnoses. In the last two weeks 11,194 people have started coronavirus symptoms3,273 of them in the past seven days.

Of the 1,895, 158 have been registered in Andalusia, 28 in Asturias, six in the Balearic Islands, 55 in the Canary Islands, 30 in Cantabria, 37 in Castilla-La Mancha, 38 in Castilla y León, 113 in Catalonia, 158 in the Valencian Community, 30 in Extremadura, 81 in Galicia, 567 in Madrid, three in Melilla, 67 in Murcia, 108 in Navarra, 403 in Basque Country and 13 in La Rioja.

In the last seven days they have died in Spain 16 people with confirmed COVID-19 test (two in Andalusia, one in Aragon, two in Castilla-La Mancha, two in Castilla y León, three in Catalonia, one in the Valencian Community, one in Extremadura and four in Madrid), compared to the 22 reported yesterday by Health . According to official figures from the Ministry, the death toll in the global count rises to 28,503.

A total of 677 people have been admitted to hospitals with coronavirus in the last week (127,954 in the entire pandemic): 80 in Andalusia, 160 in Aragon, one in Asturias, nine in the Balearic Islands, 10 in the Canary Islands, 15 in Cantabria, two in Castilla-La Mancha, 32 in Castilla y León, 62 in Catalonia , 88 in the Valencian Community, five in Extremadura, 18 in Galicia, 127 in Madrid, one in Melilla, 37 in Murcia, 18 in Navarra, seven in the Basque Country and five in La Rioja.

Also, 46 have been transferred to Intensive Care Units (ICU), up to 11,853 at a general level: five in Andalusia, three in Aragon, two in the Balearic Islands, one in Castilla-La Mancha, one in Castilla y León, five in Catalonia, seven in the Valencian Community, one in Extremadura, one in Galicia, seven in Madrid, six in Murcia and five in Navarra.

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