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Liberbank soars 17% in the stock market and encourages rumors about an operation


Liberbank it has shot up 17.6% in the stock market, to 0.21 euros; and it has encouraged rumors about a corporate operation. Since Bank of America It entered its capital again with a stake of more than 7%, the Asturian bank's shares have not stopped rising, although from very depressed levels close to the historical lows of 0.1160 euros.

Specifically, the US firm controls 6.513% through shares and 0.819% through financial instruments. In total, there are 222.94 million securities that, at the current market price (on Monday, Liberbank shares closed at 0.17 euros), have a value of about 37.89 million euros.

Bank of America first became a shareholder of Liberbank in May 2019 with a 7.78% stake, placing itself as the third significant shareholder at a time when Liberbank and Unicaja were in talks for a possible merger by absorption that was ultimately never carried out.

It was then the circumstance that Bank of America had advised Abanca in the preparation of a public offer for the acquisition of shares (OPA) on Liberbank that did not materialize, which aroused the interest of the CNMV in the participation that the investment bank had emerged in Liberbank.

Bank of America had to clarify that such participation actually corresponded to its trading portfolio, once again reducing its position in the entity of Asturian origin to zero.

Yet just a week ago broke into its capital again, with up to 6.37%, which has now increased again, precisely in a context in which the idea of a possible consolidation operation in the sector.

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