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A plane with 180 passengers runs off the runway and splits in two in India


An Air India plane about 200 people approximately on board has left the runway and has split in two after landing at Kozhikode airport in Kerala, as reported by the Indian media. For now, the number of victims or injured is unknown.

The accident took place around 7:40 p.m. local time on Friday, when after a failed landing in the middle of a strong storm, the aircraft skidded off the runway and collided with the ground. The flight, from the Air India company, made the route Dubai – Karipur with between 190 and 180 people on board. According to images distributed by local media, the device has suffered serious damage in the cabin area and has broken into several pieces.

Several ambulances have been flown to the scene to help the wounded. The Hindustan Times newspaper reports at least two fatalities, but they have not been officially confirmed.


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