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Amancio Ortega breaks the piggy bank and pays 392 million euros to Spain in taxes


In Spain, the name of Amancio Ortega does not stop ringing as soon as the word taxes is heard, especially by the purple bank (United We Can) that accuses the businessman of not paying his due. During 2019, Pontegadea Inversiones, the equity company of the creator of Inditex, paid a total of 1,168 million euros in the form of contributions from companies, 5.5% more than in 2018. In our country, Ortega paid 392 million euros, surpassing the 380 million of the previous year.

In the international context and behind the national territory, the Netherlands was the second state that received the most money from the pocket of the Galician. Specifically pocketed 127 million, despite the fact that Amsterdam presents advantageous tax measures in business matters. Only the taxation in this country is higher than that of all Asia and Oceania combined, although it must be specified that the employer receives a benefit of 328 million.

For the rest of Europe, the owner of Zara has deposited in concept of corporation tax 58 million in Switzerland; 40 million in France; 30 million in the UK and 23 million in Italy.

But not only Ortega is looked at with a magnifying glass. Inditex, the jewel in the crown par excellence of the Galician business, also accumulates a long list of accusations for the same reason. However, the textile company has entered the State 8,171 million in the last five years, as reported by elEconomista.com.

"In terms of corporate tax, Inditex has paid more than 2,200 million euros in the last five years, which represents a 2% of total corporate tax collection in Spain", explained the CEO of the company, Pablo Isla, during the last Shareholders' Meeting.

Faced with the accusations of Podemos, Isla stuck out her chest and pointed out that Inditex pays more taxes in Spain than it is concerned, by the volume of sales that the market actually generates, being the country in which the company declares the most money.

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