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King emeritus Juan Carlos I leaves Spain after the commission scandal


The King Emeritus, Juan Carlos I, has informed Zarzuela of his decision to move out of Spain guided "by the conviction of providing the best service to the Spanish".

In a statement sent to his son, King Felipe VI, he made the decision "with deep feeling, but with great serenity."

This comes after the scandals that have King Juan Carlos I as the protagonist have not stopped jumping in recent months. The latest news focus on your possible link to an offshore account in Switzerland currently being investigated by various courts.

These scandals have already led Philip VI to give up his personal inheritance and eliminate his father's assignment. Until that time, he received a budget allocation that is granted annually under that condition and that had reached 194,232 euros a year in recent years.

The current king of Spain has thanked the gesture to his father in addition to highlighting "the historical significance representing the reign of his father, as a legacy and political and institutional work of service to Spain and democracy ".

Reactions to the decision of the emeritus king were not long in coming from all sides of Spanish politics. Isabel Díaz Ayuso, President of the Community of Madrid, has highlighted through her Twitter profile the work of Juan Carlos I, who, according to he assures, "we owe the best years of our DemocracyIn addition, he has stressed his confidence in the monarchy of Felipe VI.

Pablo Casado wanted to speak on behalf of the entire Popular Party expressing "your respect for the announced decision" and reaffirming "his recognition of his four decades of mandate at the head of the Head of State".

A line completely contrary to that of Pablo Echenique, secretary of Podemos. Also through his Twitter he has ensured that the decision of the emeritus king does not solve anything. A movement that is not going to stop United We Can, as confirmed by its spokesman in Congress, will "continue to explore all avenues for Juan Carlos de Borbón's shady businesses to be thoroughly investigated."

Some statements to those of his party colleague Alberto Garzón who has stated that "the only thing that fits in a democracy of the 21st century is to investigate all the suspicious operations of the citizen Juan Carlos de Borbón, prosecute him and reveal all those responsible and accomplices. "

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