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Teen suspected of Twitter hack has been arrested


An American teenager suspected of leading the massive Twitter hack and CryptoHealth scam that promised to double bitcoin is in custody.

A local Florida newspaper reported Friday that Graham Clark, a 17-year-old Tampa resident, was arrested Friday morning and faces 30 criminal charges related to the attack. Clark is accused of planning the entire scheme that he stole over 12 BTC.

And despite being a minor, according to state attorney Andrew Warren, "Florida law gives you great flexibility and allows you to prosecute a minor as an adult in a financial fraud scam like this." The alleged hacker was prosecuted on 30 criminal charges.

How the young man managed to hack hundreds of Twitter accounts

The attack took place on July 15 and hacked 130 Twitter accounts, including top politicians like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and tried to trick their hundreds of millions of followers. The coup reached more than 130 thousand dollars.

Twitter claimed that the invasion was likely made possible by a targeted spear phishing social engineering scam against its employees.

This attack is based on directing emails against a person or company with the intention of stealing important data. The messages seek to pass as much credibility as possible, however they try to get the user to click suspicious links from sites that contain malware to install on victims' computers.

Upgrade: As we wrote the story, the United States Department of Justice, through Justice.gov, revealed the identities of the other two participants in the crime.

One of them, Mason Sheppard, known as "Chaewon", 19, a resident of the United Kingdom, was accused of conspiracy to commit virtual fraud, conspiracy to launder money and intentional access to a protected computer.

The third is Nima Fazeli, known as "Rolex", 22, a resident of Orlando, Florida, who was accused only of helping to promote the intentional access of a protected computer.

In the announcement, state attorney David Anderson decided to leave a shocking message for hackers:

Today's announcement demonstrates that the joy of nefarious hackers in a safe environment for fun or profit will be short-lived. Criminal conduct on the Internet may seem secretive to people who practice it, but there is nothing secretive about it. In particular, I want to tell those who want to break the law to break it, we will find them. ”

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