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Apple wants to be everyone and resigns with its split to continue reigning in the Dow Jones


1987. 2000. 2005. 2014. 2020. These are the only five occasions in which Manzana has carried out a split of its shares. In all its history. Those of Cupertino, in absolute free rise and setting new historical highs, they have not only convinced with their quarterly accounts: they have also set out to change 124 years of history.

The same as the Dow Jones. Apple's split, of four shares for each, will alter its own weight in the selective and will go from being the most influential value to occupying the place 15 or 16.

Apple will yield its throne, which occupies from April 29, to UnitedHealth Group, which comes from closing the last session at $ 305.23 and will become the Dow's heaviest member since late August. Closely follows him Home Depot, which is currently the third action with a greater role in the selective.

What is striking about this movement is that the price of the Dow does not behave like that of the Nasdaq or the S&P, the other two major indices in the US. The first one moves to the tune of the price changes of its components, not of its percentage changes. That's why the largest-cap stocks (like Apple, the most valuable with its more than $ 1.6 trillion) have had such a high impact on the exchanges … except in the Dow, which is immune to it.


Apple is not the first of the Dow Jones to carry out a split. Without going further, Nike did one of two actions for one in December 2015. The size of both companies, however, makes the Cupertino one have even more media and stock market impact.

The technological colossus led by Tim Cook continues to pave its democratization. Before this split it literally stops "be more accessible to all investors", It was the iPhone SE or iPhone low cost, as they have been called.

Far are the glamor and exclusivity of a company that was previously only available to a handful of the chosen ones. Apple wants to be everyone's and can become: Will the rest of the world end up falling into the temptation of original sin and biting into the apple?

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