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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies With the Biggest Potential


Sure, every crypto enthusiast knows of bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other mainstream cryptos. But, the crypto industry has grown by leaps ever since the introduction of bitcoin, and today, there are more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies in the market. 

You’d think that developers would slow down, seeing as the crypto market is already flooded with different cryptos. On the contrary, more cryptocurrencies are joining the scene each day. Instead of the essential transactional and store of value features, these new cryptocurrencies offer a wide range of features, which are solutions to many of today’s problems. 

Although they may not be as well known as other coins that have been around for a while, some of the new players have quite a lot to offer. Let’s have a look at five of the newest contenders in the crypto market that hold the potential to make drastic changes.

Apollo Currency

Apollo Currency (APL) has been around since its launch in 2017. The coin, which is hosted on the Apollo blockchain, is the world’s most feature-rich cryptocurrency. Apollo seeks to dispel the need for multiple currencies for different tasks on a blockchain. APL also boasts of sub-seconds transaction speeds to two seconds, which makes it the world’s fastest cryptocurrency as well. 

Apollo is the world’s leading blockchain. According to the CEO, Steve Mullah, Apollo was born out of a vision to shape technology’s future. Thanks to features like database level sharding, atomic swaps, adaptive forging, and true quantum resistance, APL has replaced the need for the features in the top twenty cryptos. The currency has some of the most diverse use cases, including level use cases in governments and the commercial sector. Apollo is the first blockchain to launch a national currency platform to host a national currency and a crypto-friendly world bank that will drive mass adoption. If you are looking to buy some APL tokens, Bitmart is the best exchange to do so. 


Gold Secured Currency (GSX) is another of Apollo Fintech’s brainchild. The currency runs on the Apollo blockchain, which means that it boasts of all the technological advancements of Apollo, including sustainability from sharding and competitive transaction speeds. 

GSX is a stable coin that is backed by gold and gold-rich land. Apollo owns the property and oversees the mining, but GSX holders have the rights to the vast land through a legally binding trust. Holders also own the rights to the mine and the equipment used. Therefore, as Apollo acquires more assets, so will the value of GSX increase.

One of the things that set GSX apart from other coins is that it grows in value perpetually. Apollo has placed a unique ecosystem that ensures GSX will continue to grow in value as it acquires more gold and land. In this way, GSX combines the best features of a cryptocurrency, a stablecoin, and an investment coin. Together with the backing of the Apollo blockchain, GSX has the potential to disrupt the payment system.

GSX currently has an ongoing token pre-sale. During this time, you can acquire GSX tokens with up to 50% bonuses.         

Enjin Coin

One of the most innovative use cases of cryptocurrency has been the gaming industry. Enjin boasts of being the largest online gaming industry that allows its users to use Enjin for purchases within the ecosystem.

Enjin has over 20 million users and 250,000 gaming communities. Users on the ecosystem can use ENJ to play online and make virtual purchases. Thanks to partnerships with Samsung and Microsoft, Enjin is about to revolutionize the online gaming industry. ENJ holds the biggest potential for tokenizing everything in the online gaming scene.


XRP was designed specifically for global payments. The cryptocurrency has been able to achieve what most digital currencies only dream of; providing a platform for fast and secure money transfers around the world. Thanks to this feature, many experts refer tp XRP as the king of banking infrastructure.

One of Ripple’s advantages is that it has been able to find a way to leverage the banking sector. The company has found a way to allow banks, digital payment processors, corporations, and even payment providers to use XRP to send money to any part of the world. As more people become aware of cryptos and the power they hold, more banks and customers are joining the network, which helps drive the idea of mass adoption. 

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

BAT was launched in 2015 and is used in the Brave browser. The idea behind BAT is to fix the broken digital advertising model. Advertisers usually spam users with ads that they want them to watch, while users wish they could skip them altogether.

BAT offers a way out for everyone. Users of the brave browser get paid BAT coins whenever they watch ads on the browser. This way, advertisers get to sell their products, and users have an incentive to keep watching them. Users can also track the token’s price in real-time through the browser.

Author’s Note

Unless you have been following the crypto scene for quite a while, you may not know of newer cryptocurrencies besides the mainstream ones. As more digital currencies emerge in the market, newer coins have to step up and offer different features that make them outstanding.

Unlike in the inception years, when cryptocurrencies simply served as transactional mediums, today’s digital currencies offer a variety of functionalities. Whether they are stablecoins or mediums of digital advertising, these new coins hold the potential to switch things up in the crypto market scene. 

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