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Services to search for Bitcoin (BTC) addresses online


Are there any services that allow me to search for bitcoin addresses online?

Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no online service where you can search for a person's bitcoin address or, conversely, find out to whom a given bitcoin address belongs.

However, there are services that allow you to obtain certain information about certain addresses or transactions.

The fact is, bitcoin addresses are and should remain anonymous. In fact, all transactions made to and from all bitcoin addresses are public, so if you knew the identity of the owners, you would violate the most trivial rules regarding privacy.

In fact, Bitcoin was born only as a tool for the anonymous use of money, so it is absolutely necessary not to trace the identity of the owner of a public address.

That said, however, it is possible to obtain information on any address, while for some of them it is also possible to know the identity of the owner, although for very few.

On the other hand, there are no tools that allow you to know the public addresses that a person has. At most, if the owner has decided to disclose it publicly, it is possible to find out some of their addresses by looking in their publications or on their website.

In fact, it must be remembered that each person can have as many bitcoin addresses as they want, without limit, so everyone is free to decide to reveal how many and which ones they own, or to do so only partially or not. absolutely.

The information that can be publicly known for each address is: the number of chain transactions made at that address, both inbound and outbound, their amounts, and the final balance of BTC stored at that address at the time of the search.

To do this, you can use any Bitcoin blockchain browser by entering the alphanumeric code of the public address you want to browse.

A service that also allows you to obtain other information is BitcoinWhosWho.com, which for example also reveals if an address is involved in any known fraud or criminal activity.

However, there are also other services with very large databases that allow you to check if someone has reported that an address is involved in some illegal activity.

Another question is finding the owner's identity from one direction, because it is very rare to discover it, unless the owner has decided to disclose it voluntarily.

In this case, it is better to do a trivial Google search of the address from which you want to know the owner, and see if among the proposed results there are also some that allow you to discover the owner.

However, it must be said that it is very rare to be able to trace the identity of the owner of any bitcoin address, because there are no online services that allow you to perform this search in a specific way.

On the other hand, however, there are some companies that analyze Bitcoin's public blockchain with special instrumentation, and sometimes they can track, not effortlessly, the potential owner of an address. However, these are private services, and for a fee, which do not give any certainty of being able to identify you.

It should not be forgotten that the vast majority of bitcoin users don't want their public addresses to be known, to prevent someone from verifying your transactions on the public blockchain.

Rather, they often use different bitcoin addresses, sometimes a different one for each incoming transaction, making it impossible to know all of their movements, even knowing one or some of their addresses.

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