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Nasdaq queens go through the confessional and are praised with climbs


This Thursday was the big day for FAANG. The great American technology companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google) have gone through the confessional after the market closed and their accounts have not left anyone indifferent. And it is not for less, the five (Alphabet has two quotes) represent 40% of the Nasdaq 100.

The first to publicize their accounts has been Facebook. The social network has declared an income of 18.690 million dollars, a figure 8% higher than expected. Analysts spoke of 17,310 million. It has also surprised when it comes to users. Those of Mark Zuckerberg have confirmed 1,790 million daily users compared to 1,740 million expected by the consensus.

These numbers have had the best reception on the market. Their actions are triggered. They advance more than 7% in the 'after hours' of Wall Street, which includes operations after hours. These advances They have released it to new all-time highs.

Despite the gains, Zuckerberg does not deny that they have been affected by Covid-19. "We face a period of unprecedented uncertainty in our business outlook"says the magnate in a letter to shareholders. Although he prefers to emphasize the positive aspects, and that is the number of users." We are proud that people can trust our services to stay connected when they cannot always be together in person".

A very similar fate has passed Amazon. The online commerce giant has reported revenues of $ 87 billion, a figure 9% higher than expected. Analysts who follow it on the stock market expected approximately 81,000 million.

Bezos has known how to make the coronavirus profitable. Income represents an increase of 40% compared to the same period of the previous year and the market is not hesitating to celebrate it. Its shares are up about 4%.

If Zuckerberg is proud of the performance of his company in recent months, Bezos was not going to be less. "This fWhat another very unusual quarterAnd I couldn't be more proud and grateful to our employees around the world, "says Amazon CEO.

More discreet are the increases in Alphabet. The parent company of Google (which has two quotes) advances a little more than 1% after endorsing $ 38.3 billion. But in this case, what is rewarding the market the most is earnings per share (EPS). Alphabet has declared $ 10.13 compared to the 8.43 expected by the market.

Remote work has caused an increase in demand for network services, an opportunity that Alphabet has not missed. "We are working to help people, businesses and communities in these uncertain times," said Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google and Alphabet.

"As people increasingly turn to online services, our platforms are helping our partners provide important services and support their businessPichai said.

Manzana It has been the last of the FAANG to go through the confessional, but they say that good things wait. Those of the manzanita have declared an income of 59,690 million euros compared to the 52,300 million expected by the market. As for the BPA has notified $ 2.58.

Although undoubtedly the news is that has announced a 4: 1 share split that will take effect on August 24. After the news, their titles are advancing more than 5%.

The company has generated 26,420 million in revenue from its iPhone segment, compared to 26,990 million in the same period last year and a year ago and the 22,200 million that analysts expected.

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