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Mixed sign on Wall Street awaiting the results of the FAANG


Wall street has closed with mixed sign (Dow Jones -0.84%; S&P 500 -0.37%; Nasdaq + 0.43%) after the United States President Donald Trump, asked on Twitter if it is not necessary to postpone the November presidential elections. In the business field, the focus is on the FAANG. The big tech companies, drivers of the stock market rally (especially Nasdaq), will go through the confessional after the market closes. Accounts that arrive just a day after their appearance before the US Congress.

In addition, Thursday's session has to digest growth data for the second quarter, in which the United States economy has cut a historic 32.9%.

The CEOs of Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook They have been questioned this Wednesday about the size of their companies (exacerbated by the pandemic) and the possible dangers that their hypothetical monopolies pose to the market.

Only these four companies, represent 40% of the Nasdaq 100, capitalize almost 5,000 million in the stock market and all of them must confess after the market closes this Thursday. Facebook and Alphabet (matrix of Google) accumulate a rally of 13% so far in 2020. Apple rises another 29.5% and Amazon stands out above all with an advance of 64.2%.

In macroeconomic matters, this Thursday the GDP and weekly unemployment claims in the US will be announced. Two key figures to be released just a day after the Fed maintains rates and its current measures to combat the pandemic.

"Powell has made it clear that the recovery of the economy will depend on how the fight against the virus is going and, although the outbreaks are not deflating investment optimism, the economy is more important than the bags for the Fed"E-Trade experts warn.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the Ibex has lost 7,000 points and is abandoning supports in the face of sharp falls in its major titles. ForexNews.online experts point out that it could extend the falls to 6,400 points. Finally, in Asia the bags have closed with mixed sign after knowing the decision of Powell's men.

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