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the hard fork Shelley is here


Yesterday, Charles Hoskinson confirmed than Cardano's Shelley hard fork will take place today, Wednesday July 29, 2020.

Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano as well as a co-founder of Ethereum, and is now the CEO of the company IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), which he founded together with Jeremy Wood and which is focused on the development of the Cardano project.

With a brief live periscope broadcast yesterday, Hoskinson confirmed today's date for the Launch of the Shelley fork on Cardano's main network, after several months of testing.

In fact, the test network launched in December last year, and now everything is ready to bring Shelley to the main network.

After launch, Hoskinson anticipates that August will be the month the update will "be digested," and will be used to correct any bugs the team has missed on the test network.

Meanwhile, the Voltaire team will continue to work on new network developments, specifically the registration process that will allow people to test the voting system that will use Cardano's new governance model.

Voltaire is the last step in the project roadmap and will be critical to make the platform completely decentralized and autonomous, following the subsequent updates to Shelley, that is, Goguen and Basho.

Unlike the team that worked at Shelley, including Hoskinson himself, who will go on vacation after the hard fork, the Voltaire team will continue to work tirelessly. More news will be announced tomorrow during the regular month-end update.

Shelley: the future of Cardano's hard fork

Another team that will continue to operate is in charge of monitoring the main network. In fact, according to Hoskinson, although the update has passed all tests, when it goes live there can also be unforeseen events that require continuous monitoring.

Hoskinson says that next year there will be hundreds of native tokens, thousands of dApps, and many developers within the new Cardano ecosystem. There are still many things to do because:

"It's about alienating us from the Battle of the Titans in 2021."

Once the fork has been successfully completed, work will begin on the strategy for the next Cardano era, Goguen. There will be a new summit that will focus on refining this strategy, consolidating investment and promoting its benefits.

Also, Shelley's core team will merge with the Plutus team, and the two teams will work on the extended UTXO model, multi-sig and other things.

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