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The FAANG confess before the US Congress in an unprecedented appointment


The US Congress puts the big tech companies under its magnifying glass. This Wednesday the CEOs of the FAANG They must testify in such a setting and at a date unprecedented in history.

Tim Cook (Apple), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) and Sundar Pichai (Google)They will sit down to testify if they have really become too big companies.

The coronavirus crisis has strangled many small businesses and fueled giants like the companies these businessmen represent. Together, they are worth more than $ 5 trillion today. Ultimately, they are too big to fall, just like banks.

Zuckerberg has said in pre-hearing statements that his triumph has been "American-style" and gives people valuable products after starting with nothing. "Our history would not be possible without the US, which rewards competitiveness and innovation", it states.

Bezos has also stated before sitting in front of Congress and acknowledged that "Amazon should be under scrutiny, like all great institutions, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we pass it with a note."

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